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Whether you're a WordPress newbie or an old school user, Best web hosting UK looks to help you find the best host possible for all your WordPress needs.

WordPress is a well known CMS (content management system) and its one of the most widely used in the world, you can create all types of sites, maybe you want to build a game review site, a news site or even a personal blog, whatever your imagination dreams up WordPress has you covered with its simple admin interface you can manage your entire site including the users, and create anything your mind can dream of, WordPress is used by some of the largest companies in the world.

Before you start using WordPress there are things you can look out for from a hosting company that will make your life easier and simpler, the most common thing people look for is Cpanel, Cpanel is the industry-standard control panel often found with web hosting companies, it gives easy access when setting up databases and all sort of web hosting goodies that in the past would require a web engineer to make function. Within the Cpanel is softaculous installer which gives easy installation of Wordpress and other software add-ons, Cpanel for most is the only thing you will need to deal with all your web hosting tasks.

best wordpress hosting

Support is another thing that a lot of people don't take into consideration when choosing a host, make sure that your host has the type of support that you require, do you need live chat or do you prefer a ticket system? always have a quick look when deciding what's best for your needs.

Do you already have a WordPress site and you're with another a host? maybe you need help moving your site or maybe you can do it yourself, check with your new host about moving your site, some hosts will do it for free while others might have a small charge.

When running a website most people don't want to be bogged down with the complexities of dealing with servers and coding, WordPress takes all the pain away by providing a simple and easy to use interface but that's just one half of equation you also want a host that makes things simple too, you want a host that has the correct set up so that WordPress runs efficiently that's why Best web hosting UK recommends UK small business web hosting for hosting WordPress

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